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Covid-19 update

I am still accepting new clients  (as schedules allow) 


ALL sessions are now online via the HIPAA compliant and insurance approved Telehealth platform of Zoom

Blog and Articles

“I-Statements” for Couples

When an adult relationship has been soured by misunderstandings, distrust and hurt feelings, it's hard to communicate with each other effectively. Tools are needed to help rebuild trust and cooperation with our partner. One of the most basic and important skills for open, non-defensive and positive communication is the “I-Statement.” ...Read More


How to Recognize Difficult or Controlling Communication Behaviors

Most people do some of the following behaviors sometimes – nobody is perfect and we can all be a little manipulative, pouty or domineering at times. And some folks are just generally irritating, but not so much that we can’t just roll our eyes and let it go. But here we are talking about people with a pattern of interpersonal interactions that makes most people around them uncomfortable, frustrated, guarded or even off-balance...Read More

Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions are inaccurate or irrational thought patterns that can influence our emotions and actions. We all experience cognitive distortions to some degree, but in their more extreme forms they can be destructive to one’s self-perception and relationships with others. The following is a list of common cognitive distortions...Read More

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